Animal-lover by day, True Crime fanatic by night, Katie Saada is a web/ graphic designer and social media strategist who started her career running social accounts and designing in 2015. Katie provides designing and social strategy services from the comfort of her own home (catch her hanging with her pets & wearing sweatpants while she brings your social media dreams to fruition). In addition to her own business, Katie is the founder of Girlcrush Collective, a community for female bloggers and business owners to connect, collaborate and inspire.

Katie majored in Advertising and Digital Media at Loyola University in Maryland and after, earned her masters in Strategic Communication from Fordham University. She has been designing graphics & learning coding from the time she was in 7th grade and first began her relationship with coding during the days of MySpace. She would always find fun ways to manipulate the coding and revamp her page, so much so that her friends began asking her to do theirs as well. From there, Katie honed in her craft all the way through graduate school. 

A very early Instagram user, Katie can track her first Instagram post back to July of 2011. At that time, Instagram was just starting to become popular and Katie quickly became obsessed with the way she could showcase her days and stories by just sharing images. Again, she started helping her friends launch their accounts by editing their pictures or coming up with caption ideas; never imagining she would make that her career one day. 

As for Instagram (and social) growth, Katie made her dog his own Instagram account back in 2015 (in an effort to not annoy her followers with an obnoxious amount of puppy pics). She started the page as an outlet for her “new dog mom” photos, but he started gaining followers beyond just her friends and family and eventually, some of his photos were reposted by brands, including LL Bean! He started getting sent free leashes, collars, and toys from brands. It was at that time Katie knew she loved growing his account and had a knack for figuring out tricks and trends that would allow her to get attention to other accounts, as well. 

Katie currently lives in Las Vegas with all of her animals; two dogs (Tucker & Linda Lou), and 1 cat (Jade). She has spent time all over the map from Ohio to Maryland to D.C. & New York. In her free time, you can find her watching Seinfeld over and over or brunching with a bloody mary in hand. 

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